Father's Day Gift Guide

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Spoil dad this Father's Day Sunday 3rd September. 
Here are our top products for dad. Don't forget we also offer express shipping !

Top Grooming Products ...

Take care of dad's grooming needs with these top picks. 

These beard tonics from Herbivore Botanicals are the perfect gift for the bearded dad. 

These beard tonics combines natural plant oils that promote a healthier looking beard while moisturising the skin beneath. These include light, natural scents that men (and women up-close) can enjoy.


                                                                         Herbivore Botanicals                                                     Herbivore Botanicals
Beard Tonic Cedar & Bergamont                                      Beard Tonic Sampler Kit
                   $35.95                                                                            $39.95


For the dad that needs to shave, try this Post Shave Elixir. Notes of Cedar and Citrus combine with astringent alcohol free Witch Hazel and soothing Aloe to protect and hydrate your skin post shaving or anytime.

                                                                       Herbivore Botanicals
                                                                           Post Shave Elixir


Fuss Free Cleansing ...

For the dads that do cleanse, they want an easy fuss free cleanser. This product may even entice the dads that don't cleanse yet ! Easy to use and keep in the shower. 


                                                        Herbivore Botanicals Bamboo
                                                             Charcoal Cleansing Bar


For The Outdoor Dad ...

For the dad that works or plays outdoors here are our top picks for keeping his skin protected from the sun with a moisturising sunscreen. 



  Josh Rosebrook                              Skin Juice Sun Juice SPF 15
Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30                           $49.00
         From $84.00                                   


Top Hair Styling Products ...

For the dads that take pride in their hair, here our out top products to keep his hair looking fab !



 Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo         Josh Rosebrook Balance Conditioner

                  From $13.00                                        From $13.00



          Josh Rosebrook Styling Cream                Josh Rosebrook Hair Spray

                         $59.00                                                    $37.00


Fragrance ...

This fragrance  embodies a modern and inclusive balance of femininity and masculinity. Delicate, woodsy and sensual, this light and sweet, warm, earthy fragrance has a delicate, lingering staying power due to its exquisite formulation and high concentration of superior quality, organic essential oils.


                                                                     Josh Rosebrook 
                                                               Ethereal Botanical Fragrance



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