How To Find Your Perfect Lip Colour From Blake Lively's Make Up Artist !

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How To Find Your Perfect Lip Colour From Blake Lively's Make Up Artist !

Blake Lively

The man behind Blake Lively's beauty look has spoken out about how to find the perfect lip colour.  

Kristofer Buckle, who is the make-up artist behind Blake Lively and Kate Beckinsale, says there are two things to consider when choosing a lip: where you want the focus to be and skin tone.

“I select a lip colour to either pop, recede or balance,” Buckle told El.

“If we're going for more of an eye look, I select a flattering colour that isn't too deep or distracting.”

“If we go with less on the eye, I'll select a bright or deep shade lip, and sometimes I select a colour in between when a natural, balanced look is desired.”

As for working with skin tone, Buckle says to play opposites. 

“I usually like to pick a colour that has the opposite undertones than the complexion so it looks fresh and not muddy.”

For example, “If someone has a lot of yellow in their skin, I use a pink with cool undertones." 

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to achieve an autumn berry lip with Vogue Australia's beauty editor, Remy Rippon.


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Article by Vogue Australia


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