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Innersense Organic Beauty have now released new 946ml refill pouches.  They use 70% less plastic than the 946ml bottles and 75% less plastic than x3 295ml bottles. These pouches allow you to reuse and refill your favorite Innersense Organic Beauty hairbaths and conditioners, right at home, extending the lifecycle of your favorite clean hair care bottles.

How many bottles can I fill with one pouch ?

Up to four! Refill pouches will fill x3 295ml bottles plus x1 60ml travel size bottle or x1 946ml bottle. 


Which products come in refill pouches ?

All Innersense hairbaths and conditioners are now available in 946ml refill pouches. (note: refresh dry shampoo is not currently available in a refill pouch)

Why refill pouches instead of buying more plastic bottles ?

Plastic pouches require less material than rigid containers. That means less waste, less water used during manufacturing and significantly lower emissions. Pouches also take up far less space than rigid containers. They’re also lightweight, protect our clean hair care products without the need for excess packing materials and are damage resistant, making transportation more energy efficient and climate friendly.

Why aren't Innersense plastic bottles or refills available in glass ?.

Currently, two products are packaged in glass: Harmonic Healing Oil  and 
I Create Waves Salt Spray. Innersense chose to avoid glass as it can pose a danger in a wet bathroom environment where breakage can occur. Broken glass in the shower is hazardous both for you and the environment! Still, there’s a little more to the glass dilemma. While glass has the perception of being more recyclable than plastic, only about 30% of glass in the United States is actually recycled. Additionally, glass packaging has a higher carbon footprint due to the energy-heavy manufacturing process and the heavier weight by volume compared to plastic.

Should I rinse my bottles with water before refilling ?

No! There’s no need. Water can create unnecessary contamination; when your product gets low, simply refill the bottle using your refill pouch.

How do I refill my bottle with the pouch ?

Just remove the cap or pump from your bottle, then insert the spout of the pouch inside the neck of the bottle you wish to refill. Next pour (or squeeze) slowly until the bottle is full. We advise not “mixing” products. In other words, refill your hairbath and conditioner bottles with the same shampoo or conditioner type that came in them originally.

How should I store my refill pouches ?

Store your refill pouches upright to avoid leakage. The flexible packaging means they store easily under the sink or in a cabinet or closet. We advise storing your pouches away from extreme temperatures, too.

Where can I find the refill pouches in your store?

The pouches can be found within each hairbath and conditioner product. Simply select the refill pouch from the drop down menu. 

Are the refill pouches more cost effective than the 946ml bottle?

The refill pouches are $10 AUD less then the 946ml bottle version. 


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