Skinimalism | What is it ?

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What is "Skinimalism" ? 

Skinimalism is the new buzz word referring to natural, minimal or pared down beauty. Skinamalism is about simplifying your daily skin routine, and opting for quality over quantity. 

The recent events with COVID-19 have greatly influenced this new trend, and our daily routines are becoming more about taking time out for self care. For example, the simple act of cleansing your skin, can help you feel more relaxed and unwind after the chaos of a busy day. This is achieved by slowing down the process. Rather than slapping on your cleanser and giving it a quick go around the face and washing off, take your time. Close your eyes and slowly massage it around your face. Take slow deep breaths as you do this. The extra stimulation and circulation on your skin is very beneficial as well ! 

So what are the must have products we can use in a simplified routine, and still achieve that skin glow ? 

The four main steps  are always CLEANSE - BALANCE - PROTECT - TREAT

CLEANSE - Morning and evening ( even if you don't wear makeup ! )

Choose your cleanser according to your skin type, that will keep your skin clear of impurities without drying out the skin. Your chosen cleanser will depend on your skin type. Drier skin will benefit more from a rich heavier cleanser. A more oily skin will go for a lighter gel or foaming cleanser. 

You can view our range of cleansers here and filter your search according to skin type.

BALANCE - With a toner or mist. Morning and evening after cleansing. 

This step is often missed, as many people think of traditional toners that contain a lot of alcohol that dry and strip the skin. Good quality toners and mists, especially within the natural beauty industry, BALANCE your skin after the cleansing process. They also aids in the delivery of ingredients from your moisturisers or serums that follow. Again choosing the correct product for your skin type is the key. There are toners with soothing and calming properties, to treat red and inflamed skin. While some toners contain natural aha's to gently exfoliate and polish for those who have a dull or dry skin type. 

Find our range of toners here - don't forget to use our search filters. 

PROTECT - Morning and evening following your toner or mist.

Use a moisturiser to hydrate and protect your skin from environmental factors throughout the day. Even if you have oily skin, a moisturiser is a must have to keep skin hydrated and prevent water loss. To really keep things minimal, go for a moisturiser with a sunscreen. Sunscreen is so important and should be used daily, even in winter ! 

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TREAT - A treatment mask used weekly can give your skin that extra boost. Masks can really hone in and address your skin concerns. Whether you may simply want extra hydration or to target pigmentation, a mask will go the extra mile. 

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You don't need loads of different products to achieve beautiful skin. You just need to select the right ones.  As mentioned earlier, quality over quantity is important.

As always, we are available via email or online chat to guide you in product selection, and answer any questions you may have. 




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