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The one product that we believe everyone past their twenties needs to have is collagen! Firmer, dewier, softer, smoother skin. Healthy and lush hair, longer nails and a healthier gut. You can have it all . 

There are so many different brands and types of collagen on the market, it's important to remeber that not all collagen is created equally. There are different types of animal based sources, therefore different types of collagen within those sources, which also means different collagen peptide structures. All of these factors can greatly alter the effectiveness and benefits of the collagen you are taking. 

The Nutra Organics range is amplified further by synergistic wholefood nutrients. There are no fillers to bulk up the product, and no artificial additives. Just bioavailable ingredients. 

The range is also pregnancy and breastfeeding safe. The collagen comes from types I and III sustainably sourced bovine collagen. 

Our bodies are made up of 20 different types of collagen, each with a specific role. The collagen in our skin is primarily made up of types I and III collagen. Bovine collagen is found to be made of types I and III, whereas marine collagen boosts types I and II. 

And with a generous amount of collagen (10g) in every serve - you'll experience far better results, much faster, than most other products that only provide 3g or less collagen per serve.

What Does the Nutra Organics Range Contain ?

✔️  VERISOL Bioactive collagen peptides - which has been clinically proven to improve structural integrity of skin and decrease skin aging factors after 8 weeks of use. 

✔️  Vitamin C, zinc and the the herb horsetail to further support collagen formation and the structure of connective tissues such as skin and gut, and to promote healthy hair and nails. 

Where Does The Nutra Organics Bovine Collagen Come From ?

Nutra Organics source all of their bovine collagen from the most reputable, sustainable and ethical manufacturer in the world. The cattle are located in both Germany and Brazil. Their manufacturer is the global leader for collagen manufacturing and innovation, and are the only company to have created scientifically formulated collagen peptides that are backed by multiple peer reviewed studies.

Do I choose the Flavoured or Unflavoured Option ?

Both the flavoured and unflavoured options contain the same amount of the Bioactive Collagen Peptides Verisol®, and the same amount of Camu Camu for vitamin C, Guava for zinc, and Horsetail Herb.

The three naturally flavoured options containing fruit powders and natural plant based flavours: Lemon Lime, Waterberry and Wildflower. 

These options are great if you are wanting to drink your collagen in a glass of water on it's own. This was of taking it is also quick and easy for on the go eg, taking while at work. 

It is also available in an unflavoured option making it very versatile and easy to disguise in smoothies, juices, and food etc. 

Something that might work for you is to have the unflavoured at home for weekends or days that you have a bit more time to make yourself a smoothie, and have a tub of one of the flavours on your desk at work to add to your water on busy working days.

Just think about your own routine, what you think would work best for you and what you would enjoy the most!

Do you have something for Vegans ? 

Yes ! 

While there is no such thing as vegan collagen, Nutra Organics have Hemp Protein Powder Beauty Berries. 

It is certified organic and contains sprouted & bio-fermented pea protein and wholesome superfoods which is a source of complete protein, zinc, vitamin C, pre & probiotics and fibre when consumed as part of a healthful and varied diet.

It contains:

✔️ Organic BERRIES such as acai, commonly known as the 'beauty berry'.

✔️ ZINC to contribute to normal skin structure, the maintenance of hair & nails and wound healing.

✔️ VITAMIN C which supports normal collagen formation in skin and will help protect the cells from free radical damage.

✔️ Beauty Berries Hemp Protein contains no nasties, no whey, no soy, no gluten. 

✔️ Certified Organic ✔️ Vegan  ✔️  Gluten Free   ✔️  Dairy Free  



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