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Skin Juice Spud Sponge - Turmeric

Skin Juice

Skin Juice Spud Sponge - Turmeric
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This Turmeric infused Konjac sponge is ideal for all skins that are tried and dull and need a boost.

Turmeric is a super antioxidant filled herb long known for it’s skin health giving properties.

  • Turmeric is antiseptic
  • Turmeric is anti- inflammatory
  • Turmeric fights free radicals (no one can stand those pesky things)

Totally safe sponge for you sensitive types, pregnant women, and reactive skins

Do not use the spud sponge over broken skin or any skin legion.

How To Use

1. Take your dry sponge and immerse in water or hold under a running tap. Your sponge will double in size. Allow up to 5 minutes for it to completely hydrate. 

2. To cleanse message up and down and round and round including the eye area. You can use the sponge alone or with your favourite cleaner.

3. Gently rinse clean.

4. Hang spud up by his handy string in a well-ventilated or sunny spot to dry out.

How Do I Clean My Sponge ?

If you are using your Spud sponge with a cleanser your sponge will be receiving a thorough cleaning along with your skin. We do recommend that you do squeeze and rinse your sponge in running water until the water runs clean, squeeze the excess water out before hanging up to dry completely.

Regularly exposing your sponge to direct sunlight outside UV (Like on the clothesline) will help to keep your sponge clean.

We would also recommend periodic (weekly) boiling of your sponge in 1 cup of water with a 1/4 a cup of white or apple cider vinegar for 5 mins to ensure your sponge is clean from bacteria.

Important: Make sure you allow your sponge to cool completely before removing from the boiling water rinsing and hanging up to dry again.

How Long Will My Sponge Last ?

Once opened from its packaging the natural Konjac fibre will be good to use for over 6 weeks of normal face cleansing for one person. (Spud does not want you to share, your spud sponge is your own personal spud so buy a few so everyone can have their own) If your sponge starts to break down discard it by burying it in the ground or chucking him in your compost heap.