Hubalou Hair Towel Wrap - Plum
Hubalou Hair Towel Wrap - Plum


Hubalou Hair Towel Wrap - Plum

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The Hubalou Wrap is an absorbent, lightweight and gentle hair towel created to be used in place of terrycloth and microfibre towels. Made of sustainable bamboo fibre, the Hubalou Wrap minimises heat dry time, prevents breakage and reduces frizz. The Hubalou Wrap is great for all hair types, and exceptionally helpful for naturally curly or brittle hair.

1 x Hair Wrap in Plum

Why a Hubalou Wrap? Won’t a regular towel work just fine?

The Hubalou Wrap is more gentle on your hair than traditional terrycloth towels.


  • Its smooth surface doesn’t grab onto delicate, individual hair as terrycloth does. End result: The Hubalou Wrap leaves hair as untouched as possible, allowing for less pulling and breakage—and it helps keep curls together.
  • Made of sustainable, ultra-absorbent bamboo, the Hubalou Wrap removes just the right amount of moisture, ensuring you don’t end up with an over-dry top layer.
  • The Hubalou Wrap is ultra-lightweight. Result: it’s got an increased ability to prevent breakage because it doesn’t pull on delicate hair. It’s so lightweight, it also stays on your head better—unlike bulky towels.

And what about microfibre? 

Microfibre is a synthetic material, the Hubalou Wrap is made from a natural fibre base. And the Hubalou Wrap is a smooth surface towel, unlike the elevated fibre of microfibre.

Can I sleep in my Hubalou Wrap?

Yes you can! There's a couple of ways to wrap your hair depending on your hair length. See how to use section below. 

How To Wrap for Drying

How To Wrap for Sleep




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